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Bentex Group is a family of affiliated companies engaged in the design, production, and sales of apparel, home décor, electronic products and pet products worldwide.

Each company has a specific category focus and operates independently, allowing for optimal specialization. The combined synergies create a one-stop solution for our retail and licensing partners.

Bentex sets itself apart through creativity, high quality, and customer service. This combined with a reputation for honesty and integrity, have been the hallmark of the company’s success over the last 78 years.

Sales distribution in the U.S. covers the full retail spectrum from value through department and specialty stores. International distribution includes Canada, Mexico, Latin America, Central America, South America, Europe, and Australia.

Bentex has a dedicated Walmart team based in Bentonville, AR. We are committed to superior quality, value, and social compliance in our factories and on-time delivery. “Quick Response” is a critical strength that allows the company to turn product in 10 days (domestically) to 60 days (overseas).


Benefits include:

- Maximizing business by responding to open-to-buy opportunities and unexpected in-season needs.

- Having a quicker response to emerging fashion trends.

- Minimizing retailer risk by allowing for commitments closer to season.

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